If office cubicles and cornflower blue ties give you the howling fantods, this collection of audio essays might bring you some solace. Over the course of the next year, I hope to document the lives of nomadic types, who work while traveling///travel while working. These people have found viable alternatives to “the path,” but even expats get the blues.

In our first audio journey, I speak to an old friend. She is a traveling winemaker who follows grape harvests around the globe. We talk about winemaking gigs, how she makes ends meet (occasionally trimming weed) and climbing in big rocks in South Africa.

Also, there’s a short interruption where the utility people knock on the door and I have to leave. I was sure that they were there to cut the power, but no! just some friendly firefighters asking for donations. Apologies, if this is confusing. I will pay my electricity bill, dw.

Will you guys let me know what you think of this? I’ve delayed making an episode one for so long, and I finally just said – ok i need to do this. If you could send me your comments, I am attentive.

email is jamie at infinitejuice dot com