i have found myself a new home. it all happened so fast. i drove to pichilemu to meet the very talented Josefa for coffee. i was just going to pitch her on teaching computer science to her english class. we talked about that, but things escalated quickly. we had a connection i can only describe as eerie. and life is crazy guys. it’s crazy to to meet someone on the other side of the world who shares so many of your same beliefs. someone who bought the same black furry coat at a *separate* thrift shop in chile. to meet a kindred spirit, who then welcomes you into their home! i am taking a small break from van life. i’ve moved into a house, we lovingly call pandora.

since moving in, we’ve acquired three bicycles. we enjoy romping around this small surf town. i take my bike down to the beach everyday, usually clad only in my wetsuit. our other roomie, Andrea (TÍA), lets me keep my fish down at her restaurant. and from there, i’ve found this wave that i’ve fallen in love with. i love the simplicity of being able to bike to check the waves. i love paddling out there all by myself. i feel such gratitude for the experiences traveling has brought me. wow!





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